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Dear Galactic Senate -


I am requesting you establish a panel to investigate the cause of this war between myself and one of your members. His actions border on piratical and his intentions have been to start a war from the beggining. As the other posts show his actions speak volumes and his silence when asked a question clearly shows his intentions.


Emperor MadMartin

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Now this is rich, the self proclaimed Pirate and raider seeking political investigation and help from a defunct organisation...guess it was just a lot of big words then...




Edit Note: This was in response to MMBs early unedited post where he directed his post towards the GSL of which he was a former member.

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The Galactic Star League no longer exists. You may need to direct your request to another institution, although I am sure that the Ur Lord could accomodate you on a more local level.


Boo Consulate



Whilst honour would compel us to act in such a fashion, we somehow doubt that the 'player' that named us as his Nemesis and one of the main reasons he left the GSL, would accept us!


We are aware of quite a deal of the history to the story anyway and, whilst the pirate will undoubtably disagree, we can attest to receiving various missives from the Valkor Star Kingdom that noted that all the information they were sending to the Eyre as per their agreement wasn't even being acknowledged and that no diplomacy of any sort was ever returned.


A confessed pirate acted like a pirate and will hopefully reap the benefits. Given that we're sure the Eyre would much rather prey on the weak and abandoned empires, then we think they've made a mistake here....... :drunk:


Lord High Seneschal to Ur-Lord Tedric

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