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GS Session 7


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The Seventh Session of the Galactic Senate has officially commenced!


Deadline to SECOND Bylaw Proposals: Monday, October 4, 2004 11:59 PST

Deadline to VOTE for Bylaw Proposals: Thursday, October 7, 2004 11:59 PST


In light of the recent events concerning the recently aborted GS Investigation, I hereby propose to amend/consolidate the following Ivestigation procedures with a safegaurd on verifying Empire ID numbers.





Proposed Bylaw: 092204-01


Deadline to VOTE: Thursday, October 7, 2004 11:59 PST


To consolidate GS Bills 072604-4-01 and 072704-5-01 ( the existing laws on Investigations) into a single Bill and add the following language to the first paragraph of the first bill (adding only the letters in BOLD typeface):


Once any incident between two or more empires, where at least one of the empires involved is a member of the Galactic Senate, is brought to the attention of the Galactic Senate by an empire involved in the incident, an Investigation Committee (hereinafter 'Committee') of three Senators shall be appointed to investigate the incident upon verification of the Empire ID numbers of all parties involved.


Note: the language of this very bill will be excluded once the bills are consolidated, if passed.



SECONDED: YES, by Senator Logion


Vote Record


YEA: 4579, 3857, 4526, 2996, 1728



DEFAULT ABSTAIN: 1351, 500, 3062, 2516, 1006, 2372, 4933, 3343, 54, 1773, 82, 760, 2159, 4851, 2296, 4292





PS = All membership updates are complete.

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i vote no... 


i'm a member of the gs. i really am.




[The Secretary scrambles through the Galactic Senate rolls, looking for a match for 'athonian'....checking twice...."More and more subspace transmissions seem to carry through the Senate Chambers every cycle now. We would encourage these newly discovered sentients to formally participate, perhaps they haven't received the Charter: http://rollingthundergames.ipbhost.com/ind...p?showtopic=666 ]


Cool signature :P

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092204-01: I vote YES. It is rather pointless to try and enforce legislation when the parties involved are unwilling to give any information. If there is a conclusion which involves some sort of compliance there simply won't be. At least with Empire ID verification there might be some sort of enforcement possible.

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