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OT: Colorado Players


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This is a better turn out then I thought I would get :unsure:


Would meeting in Denver be better or a suburb? I up north in Boulder.


Sakarissa any chance any of them would like to come?


I was hoping to get MMB to show up since I hear he is in here and I want to meet the gent who is kicking ass and taking numbers.


Eternus you can come but only if you play nice and not pick on the other players :( Oh and you have to let other people talk too :(

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Depending on when it is, I'd be interested. I'd be a lot more interested if it was a day when my son is at his mom's instead of here.

I live in Westminster and could give someone a ride down, if need be.

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Warning! Partial thread highjack!


Is there something about Colorado that attracts players? And GM's? Colorado high?!?


So, are there any players in the greater Chicago/Milwaukee metroplex that would be interested in some holiday cheer and SN:ROTE toasting? :alien2:


Octus Imperium

(Lake County, IL)

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I think a lot of people play the game because they've heard of the company, and there was a good bit of advertising at a couple local gaming conventions. That could account for the preponderance of Colorado players.


As for what works for me, I'm out of town this weekend and I'll have my son the 14th thru 21st. I can probably break away, though, if it's no more than 2-3 hours, or if it's a weekday evening.

Thanks to the budget shortfall, I'm furloughed the 23rd... Unpaid, but hey, it's a day off, y'know?

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T'Lariss - Which end of town are you on? It sounds like there are plenty of us willing to give you a ride.



I live on the North side of town I-36 and Pecos. Lived for many years in Bromfield though. I doubt that they will come but we could invite Russ and Pete, Maybe intice them with free food, or adult beverages.



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