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That Thermic lance isnt so lousy as it opend up Heavy Thermic lance which still isnt so lousy. :blush:

especially if your enemy doenst have any of his own and like everyone has said ground unit

weapon bonuses stack and generally speaking a race with the most bonuses has the advantage

assuming all other things equal.

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the ground war will be interesting.... although i think the space wars will take presidence...


i wont restart the thermic lance until i need ground forces... my goal is to do some species improvements and research better colonization buildings first. with that done i should theoretically be able to colonize all 9 planets in my home system with little to no losses. hmm and then i'll have to go down industrial sciences... hm and then i'll work on ship guns and armor... and then once my mighty billion ton fleet is completed and guarding my homesystem will i consider thermic lance....




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Good plan unless someone who decides to take advantage of your choices decides to invade.

if they wait till your all done with your Industry and Lifeform research they probably wont do so good but.... if they find you before that and are hostile then your plans would have to change just

a tad. B)

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