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Bug - SKIM Order not working


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Yes a new bug indeed as my fuelling fleets also only managed an incredible total of 200 fuel!



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I had the same problem. I sent an email to Pete and Russ and they came back to me within an hour and corrected it.

I think they give super support.

Please give the guys some credit and talk to them before putting it on the board.

It just looks so much as "Pete & Russ bashing". It is probably not intended like that, but it does come across like that to me. They deserve better!



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Its not bashing, its alerting others to a bug that they might have overlooked on their own turns as I did before seeing this thread as I assumed it to work. Thats what this whole topic area is about how else would they fix the bugs? Go through all turns to see whó were affected if they hadn't noticed themselves? Bugs should be publically posted so players can check their turns.



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