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Praying for early morning turns once more


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Seriously, how many people came into work this morning a few minutes early, revved up the computer, checked email, and then had to be put on suicide watch because the turn wasn't there? :)

Raise your hands. :D

Ahhh, expectations.... ;)


p.s. and I really just post things so I can use all these emoticons.... :blink:

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Yeah, the first thing I thought of was... are my turns in??? They weren't, but I got around as quick as I could, and raced off to work, bypassing my usual breakfast haunts...


But I am a life-long baseball fan, so I knew I would be disappointed. Baseball and PBM... two pastimes guarranteed to break your heart.


Well, there's always next week. Another parallel.

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Queen Azuth "Where is Administrator Fatzzo? I need my Empire Status report now. Last cycle he was here early when we sent our prayers and sacrifices to our Goddess, Lloth. What delays him now?"


Ambassador Toks'alott "My Queen, unfortunately, he will not be showing up no more."


Azuth "WHAT!! And why is that?"


Toks'alott "Apparently, last night he was one of the randomly chosen ones, sacrified to please our Goddess."


Azuth puts here hand to her head "Next time, make sure he relays the information to someone else before they are sacrificed, otherwise, you might be chosen next. And summon Administrator Der'epat and he better have the info I want, NOW!"


Toks'alott gulps "Yes, my queen. At once my queen" and he runs out of the throne room sweating bullets.


Azuth "Men...why do we need them...grrrrrr!!"

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:) Well it is my guess that my turns will arrive late night/early morning that is the norm for a while. That is ok with me, and I will upload them to my PC and modifiy some notes in my notebooks, and then pore over them. Then on monday I will print them out to pore over them again!!!


Just love my turns :blink:

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Does anyone have an idea when we will receive our turns?


Good thing I have plenty of cola in stock. It should keep me awake if the turns come in late tonight. :thumbsup:


Hope everyone enjoys their turns.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The sacrifices have begun in earnest once more....


Summoning Friday morning turns once more....


All sentient beings should assist... we have evidence that a few million burning grimloids is all that is required.


Perhaps MadMartin can assist in focusing the incineration fleet for this tremendous benefit to all.

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No worries, had my daughters last football training session for the season (autumn comes early up here in the north) and we had our traditional party with 30 seven year old girls wolfing down all the snacks they could get their hands on.


I must say though, I'm happy Linda hasn't taken up Hockey, damn more expensive! Mate of mine has three teenage sons all playing hockey and boy they do grow out of their gear quickly.


We'll get our turns when we get them, have a nice weekend everyone! :blink:





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