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Changes for Draco


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I also like it!


I am starting to mull over the changes it will require in strategy and tactics. My first condumdrum........is the value of researching pulse engines for fighters, drones and missiles now of ZERO value??? It would appear a missile or possibly a fighter need not be very fast if the speed of my opponent is capped at 8 AP.

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No changes to fuel consumption . 8 AP.....more skimmers to fuel up . 8 AP means to do the same things we have been doing you will need many more fleets , and thus many more orders . The new region is a downgrade from the present region as far as I am concerned . I have plenty in the old region to keep me busy with , so i do not have plans to start a new position in Draco . It will be a much slower game , and one will miss the sexy level 10 weapons , since it will take forever to get to them . I don't want to play for a year or longer with my high end weapon being a 40cm gauss cannon ( and who knows how long it will take to get to that 40 cm gauss cannon in the first place with the new research ) . This is not what I expected of the new region .


The last new element with the new horizon research items were already a forerunner of Draco , and spending months researching the same thing with little happening and no real progress is frustrating . And then you finish one , and nothing new opens up . Nope , not for me !


Have fun over there .

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Pulse engines never had any real relevance to fleet speed (AP). They were only used to offset the other guys pulse engines. Any fleet with an AP of 8+ gets the defensive bonus, which is independent of the pulse engine level.


So, there can still be pulse engines in Draco and you will probably want them as fighters/drones just got a 50% offensive boost.



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