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I am in Draco and I have been trying to reduce the number of errors. I had 8 different failed ship builds and tried to move the wrong ships without convoys this turn. I decided to go the convoy route 13 pages and standing orders 2 and 1/2 pages. This still leads to headaches if I am not making sure everyone has everything is ready for the 35 colonies to pick up stuff at the homeworld. Each colony has about a four turn buffer for mistakes.


Biggest mistakes for me:


Building ships without materials

Designating the wrong ships to move

Running out of materials for my colony worlds and having to move them with regular orders

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in the spreedsheet i made for tracking everything and planning, i made a simple order entry program. i copy and paste into the text file.

doing convoy routes this way has removed the mistakes i made in the past.

most recent error i made was to put a fleet on convoy without any cargo space. makes it hard to build stuff if you cant move stuff. embarrassingly this took a few turns for me to notice. wasnt until i couldnt build the structures i wanted did i realize i messed up somewhere. i was lucky to notice the specific error right before the previous turns due date. had to compare each convoy list of orders to each fleet and determine if each call out was being completed. tedious.

transfer orders, ship design and building, production queues, can all be done in my spreedsheet with ease.

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Latest error that crops up is completely the fault of my mouse. The roller wheel is so good and spins so well that I find it is easy for it to roll. So, my last few ship designs have wound up with a misc. item, usually a 10cm autocannon listed as ship component even though there is not a number associated with it. The design is validated but it won't build because it can't find "blank" numbers of whatever item it is.





However, my favorite is the failure to close the CNVR order and adding the rest of my turn and all my standing orders into whatever CR I had been starting or editing.



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