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Once a time player here. I see NOTHING anywhere about what Draco is, how it is different from original, etc., except for some tidbits and teases in the forum. 

So what is it? <_<


Ok, I see something about a PDF but no PDF in the Download area. Would not this be the place for it?(yea passive aggressive dig...):P


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One of the things in the General Advice pdf stated:


Every weapon has a preferred range. If they fire from that deployment location or closer, they
work normally. Any further back and they deal less damage. Point blank weapons are the
exception as they deal extra damage if in deployment location 1.
Missiles/Torpedos : Point Blank [1], Short [2], Medium [5], Long [8], Standoff [10] (all 10% drop
Other : Beam [1] (10% drop off), Point Blank [1] (20% drop off, bonus from [1])

However I don't remember anything about deployment locations nor do I see that description in the rules as I'm rereading them. Are you talking about the Mission Class portion of the Naval Unit Design order?? If so Standoff would be [9] not [10], if you are using the number assigned to the different Mission Classes for Jump order during a warp battle (pant, pant, deep breath), 10 would be transport (though I guess you could still put ships with standoff  weapons there at the cost of a 10% drop off). 

And does "Point Blank" in "Other" refer to CIDS? 

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From page 5-1 of the rules:-

Every Fleet is given a Fleet Battle Plan in case it becomes involved in a fight. The Fleet Battle Plan contains detailed combat instructions for all units in each Fleet. A Fleet, in battle, will be divided up into various “battle formations” based on the mission classification of each ship within it. Each battle formation will then be issued orders detailing its role in the coming battle."
All ships in each battle formation are assigned to the same tactical deployment location on the battle grid. Most of the time you will have your warships up
front, while your auxiliaries hang back. Fighter and Drone Operation Orders are also assigned to each battle formation. Most of the time you launch all of
your Fighters and Drones at the enemy. There are times, especially when the enemy has strong anti-Fighter or anti-Drone defensive systems in place, where
you would prefer to hold back your Fighter or Drone deployments.
Ships assigned to the front ranks (Deployment Location 1) can deliver their full broadsides to the enemy. They have no restrictions on their movements and
can engage freely. They are prime targets for enemy weapons fire and receive full attention by enemy commanders. As ships are deployed farther and farther
back, they lose freedom of movement and will find it more difficult to engage enemy vessels with maximum firepower. Such ships do, however, enjoy the
advantage that friendly ships closer to the front lines will be receiving the brunt of the enemy fire. Fighters and Drones launched by Carriers or Drone ships
suffer no offensive weapon degradation but the mother ships themselves, armed with main weapons batteries, would suffer normally. It does you no good to
build nothing but Carriers, load them up with Fighters, and assign your Carriers to Deployment Location 12 (that’s as far back as they can go). The enemy
will defend against the Fighters normally, but won’t find any other ships of yours to engage, and therefore will come right after your Carriers. You should
have built some escorts—tough ones, if possible—and assigned them to the front lines to screen fire from your Carriers."

This all refers to weapons, not defences like CIDS. For example, Plasma Torpedoes are Point Blank. If you look at the ANZ, you can see a "Range" of "Point Blank"

Type A Plasma Torpedo: Plasma Torpedo launchers discharge a glob of plasma encased in a magnetic field. The
field is stretched to encompass the plasma ball, which is launched at short range toward
the target. On a successful hit the superheated plasma ball contacts the enemy vessel in
an attempt to overwhelm its hull and any externally-mounted devices with a maelstrom of
burning plasma. Misses do no damage, while hits are most impressive. Range is quite
poor as the energy required to maintain the magnetic containment bottle is extremely high
and tends to break down under the impressive heat. A Plasma Torpedo is a gigantic weapon
that dishes out fantastic damage on a hit. It takes a while to charge up the launcher,
but it's worth it…. (10,000 tons) 10,000 Improved Steel - 10,000 Improved Synthetic
Materials - 10,000 Precious Metals - 10,000 Improved Processed Radioactives - 10,000 Rare
Classification: Weapon
Range: Point Blank
Structural Integrity: 10000
Prerequisite Technologies: Light Plasma Hellbore
Plasma Torpedo Strength: Good [88000]

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They way i figured them out is like this (tons X ap then ╕355,000


1,500,000,000 x 15=22,500,000,000


So you need 63380 engines



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