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Hello everyone. SuperNova.Wiki has launched!


At this time, the site is for Draco Galaxy only. This is an all-volunteer, player-run site. I am the administrator of this site, and have only been playing SuperNova for the past year. The primary purpose of SuperNova.Wiki is to encourage knowledge sharing between players, especially for the benefit of new players. It also can serve as a quick lookup tool while you are planning your turns, which can be useful to even the veteran players.

The site will continue to grow and be updated, over time. If you are interested in contributing content, please click the Contribute Content link in the left nav of the site.

I will link back to this forum post from SuperNova.Wiki and will continue to check posts here if you have questions or would like to report any issues or problems with the site.

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Thank you for doing this, it is a lot of work and is well done!

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very nice, and very helpful.  Thank you!

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  • 3 months later...

Here's a list of the changes made to SuperNova.Wiki in the month of September 2019:

28 September 2019: Added Draco announcement of the aniversary SRP points. Added a note that custom MESS messages can only be 50 characters in length. Added a note that you can use Yankee as a Rules of Engagement setting for Draco.

22 September 2019: Added a Draco Announcements page. Added ANZ results for Mk II Force Shield, Mk II Energy Disruptor, Mk I Matter Disruptor, 3rd Generation Psychology, 2nd Generation Civil Administration, and Mk II Fusion Jump Drive.

17 September 2019: Added website monitoring.

15 September 2019: Started experimenting with the new tagging system in Wiki.js 2.0.0-beta.303. My ultimate goal will be to tag every page on the site.

14 September 2019: Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.0.0-beta.303.

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  • 4 weeks later...

SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 2 November 2019


  • Added Draco GM Announcements back to 21 January 2016.
  • Technology: Mk III Interceptor Missile, 3rd Generation Planetary Science, Medium Sonic Disruptor, Mk III Fusion Jump Drive, Advanced Transaluminum, 4th Generation Civil Engineering, Lightning Storm Generator, Mk I Thunderbolt Arc Generator, Mk II Lightning Arc Generator, Subterranean Fort Assembly, and Vananite Battle Armor
  • Installations: Fusion Power Plant Complex and Improved Stripmining Complex


  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.0.0-rc.17
  • Upgraded SuperNova.Wiki to SSL - all traffic is now encrypted.
  • Now running Wiki.js as a background service for automatic recovery after server reboot.
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  • 1 month later...

SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 18 November 2019 through 8 December 2019



  • Mk IV Jump Survey Sensor
  • Improved Cargo Bay
  • 3rd Generation Planetary Engineering
  • 4th Generation Space Science


  • Imperial Medical Center
  • Microbiotic Decontamination Center
  • Linear Accelerator


  • Added more details about the RTD order.


  • Updated the Colonization topic page.

New Sections:


  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.0.12.
  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.0.1.
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  • 11 months later...

SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 9 December 2019 through 10 November 2020



  • 2nd Generation Genetic Engineering
  • 2nd Generation Species Engineering
  • 4th Generation Medical Science
  • Advanced Textiles
  • Imperial Reforms
  • Mk III Lightning Arc Generator
  • Nuclear Transwarp Drive
  • Tornado Generator
  • Type B Science Lab
  • Trizenium Flex Plate


  • Deep Core Surveyor
  • Fuel Purification Refinery
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Subterranean City
  • Terraforming Station
  • Thermal Transfer Center

New Features:

  • Page comments - registered users of the SuperNova.Wiki can now leave comments on any page.


  • Updated the Draco Announcements page with the GM messages.
  • Clarified that the NAME order allows you to name up to five Legendary Characters in one order.
  • Updated the description of Vananite Battle Armor.
  • Updated the description of Type B Science Lab.


  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.5.170.
  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.4.107.
  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.4.105.
  • Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.3.77.
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