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We, The Mantodea Empire, do not belong to any alliance (formal or informal). And do not have any plans of joining an alliance in the near future.


(I am actually enjoying going solo and not having to team up with someone to survive.) :cheers:

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Clan Elder Sakarissa of the Skaarl leads and represents The Circle.


Warlord Slish leads and represents The Tentacled Horrors From Beyond.


The Circle I started at the beginning and could be considered one of the "Elder Races." The Tentacled Horrors From Beyond I started about 11 turns ago. Neither of which belong to an Alliance. However, if the two empires ever meet up then I have a strange feeling that the two of them will get along famously with each other....... :P


Sakarissa and Slish :cheers:

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I agree with you Dr. That was one of my major concerns with the GSL. Taunting aside (OK.....For a few brief lines) I was one of the few that did not like the concept of declaring allegiance across space without encountering the player or in ratifying complex space accord documents without linking up first.


I actually am in contact with a GSL player and am working towards trade. (Damn 1 ways). We are also looking to do some space combat tests etc.. to see the effect of leaders and weapon upgrades.


---- Back in taunting mode -----


Flying solo is fun. Although M. Hygate believes I think he is public ennemy #1 and that I quit the GSL because of him he is only 50% right. I did leave because of him but only because he was making the game have a bitter taste of dislike. Since I pay money to have fun it is better to be on the other side from the legalese crowd that wants my turn results every turn, or that wants me to declare ALLG with another empire that I have never met.


It's more fun being Mark's "gnat" then being bored as a member and dreading the emails of "So what do you think of this......"


Now if I do run into Mark..well we can always see if I am a gnat...:-) Of course I'll have all 36 GSL players declare war on me even if they aren't in contact with M. Hygate or myself...but that is their nature and their roleplaying desires.


---the gnat ----

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Actually Herpes is not a pest but rather a disease so it does not really work. Maybe the cockroach one is better. Of course cockroaches are armorered, reproduce rapidly, adjust to deadly blights and can survive a nuclear blast. And if you are from Texas or Florida they run to the size of a small house cat.



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