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Yeah he's the drunk who is always hitting on the ladies and yelling explitives. He doesn't handle his beer very well. J\K

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Wondering if I should reactivate the taking out a homeworld thread...and oh this system is 7 from home so close, very close to him.


On a side note you have to admit he probably is freaking when a Medium Colonial Transport Warps in 1/2 from your homeworld. Makes you ask...where have I been.




Ps - the answer is not at the star bar.

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Kind of a half-witted side thought: <_<




Is it really worth it to try to take over a dropped position?


Things I'd need to know:


1) How tough are the defenses?

2) How long would it take?

3) An assessment of my particular political situation at the time



After all, the dropped player presumably won't attack you....what harm is there in letting them rot? (aside from the fact that you are allowing the position even MORE time to develop defenses)


Perhaps those resources are better spent dealing/defending against any active players in your neighborhood first? <_<


A burning question ----- does a dropped position build any defenses at all? Or just stockpile resources? I know its been asked an not answered :lol:


Just throwing it out there :oops:

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