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In the interest of meeting fellow players and in light of the tremendous scale of the game - is it plausible to convene?


Earlier we discussed two major possibilities: Colorado and Vegas.


I'm simply curious if there is still interest.


I think we would have fun - and who knows? Maybe it would lift some of the tensions between players. (I'd be the first one to offer beer to Looker despite him calling me a crazy turd all the time :lol: )


Does HBOB still want to cater? <_<


I think we should boldy declare a date and place and cross our fingers for everyone to come. I'm also thinking next February or March as the fall and winter often absorb plenty of family obligations.

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I vote for Denver, CO. This way Pete and Russ can show up since they live in the local area. I'm also aware that several other players make their home in Denver as well. I've been thinking of doing something similiar but hadn't put it on the boards yet.


Sakarissa <_<

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Would Pete or Russ attend if we had it in Colorado?


Although a Colorado convention would be super convenient for me I wouldn't mind visiting Vegas as I have some friends in the area and like to visit in Feb (and usually do)


Another possibility is a mini-convention in Denver and another one in Vegas <_<

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Do the casinos in Vegas take Improved Construction Materials or Light Plasma Hellburners instead of US greenbacks? If so, I'm voting for Vegas. Of course, if there are Indian Casinos in the Denver area and they take such items, then Denver is also Okay. Except for the weather in February. (The Octus are not able to gracefully utilize boards for traversing snow based on reduced friction and gravity's effects.)


On second thought, WMD's being exchanged for chips may not be wise in either location....


Octus Imperium



Seriously, if Pete and/or Russ would attend in Denver but not Vegas, then Denver would be the obvious winner. Players from outside North America may have a preference, since many may have fewer opportunities to travel to either Denver or Vegas. Perhaps a poll?


Cheap flights are always nice. However, losses at the tables may offset that advantage.......


Overall, an excellent idea! Could it coincide with some sort of con?

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For those of you outside the Denver area, it rarely snows. When it does, it almost always melts away within a day. Temperatures vary from around 20 Fahrenheit to around 70. Usually it hovers in the neighborhood of 50-60.

OTOH, October and March are the most likely months for a blizzard, so we may want to think of scheduling earlier in February. Not Presidents' Day weekend, though. That's a major role-playing convention.

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As it happens, I've just found out that I've got an opportunity to attend GenCon this year in Indianapolis. It's a mere 3 weeks away but I can make it. I haven't been to GenCon in a while, and am expecting to have a great time.


If anybody is able to attend, I'd be more than happy to get together and talk Supernova. We'd just need to figure out a time and place to meet up :cheers:


GenCon is in Indianapolis, Indiana and runs from August 19th to the 22nd. More info can be had at http://www.gencon.com/

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