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We take this opportunity to formally withdraw our representatives from the Galactic Senate. We can no longer see the dream of justice tattered in this way.

We shall instead, for the forseeable future, hold ourselves aloft from any alliance, lest we once again be tricked into association with such violent and reprehensible sentients.


PS: We will still maintain membership in the HBoB, as its goals are purely peaceful. Drink on. B)

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PS: We will still maintain membership in the HBoB, as its goals are purely peaceful. Drink on. 


Whew! I was worried until I saw the addendum, good Mead Masters are nearly impossible to find!! :cheers:

Here's to HBOB, the only alliance that truly matters!! :cheers::):cheers:


and truth be told, the main reason I joined the Galactic Senate was to be the official caterers! :cheers: hmmmmm, I wonder if I could be a member of the Senate AND WHAPO?? :lol: ohhh, the marketing opportunities we'd have!!! :drunk:

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I'll change your status officially this week.


I always enjoyed the fact that you keep things in bright perspective most of the time and remind us all (like all good HBOB members) that its just a game :)


Good lcuk with HBOB - you'll be missed.


If it has to do with the investigation:


MMB is by far the most controversial person in the game. Some people like him, others despise him. However, he is still a Galactic Senator. Despite my own preconceptions of him, I think its only fair to play out the Senate Investigation for two reasons: 1) to give the GS the credibility it deserves; 2) to show that all Senators - regardless of political affiliation - will be treated equally under the charter


I won't get into the practical challenges the Senate faces....we all see them pretty clearly. Its just a game - and the Senate is just a sounding board (like WHAPO, PA, GSL, HBOB etc.)...a pastime with the potential to have a real effect on the game at this point.


Sadly, you can't please everyone in this world. People are going to be disappointed with the Galactic Senate much like we get disappointed with our own government.


I have to propose a possibility though (and a politicaly disastrous one for the Galactic Senate):


How if MMB is telling the truth?

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Catastrophic it would be.


Eternus - side note - MadMartinB is not in the GS. There are unconfirmed reports that a "player" [whatever that is in space] with the same name and address is playing both but we could neither confirm nor deny that info (of course a empire request might show this infromation). The COlony played by the Right and Honorable Martin is a GS member.


MadMartinB the pirate Lord

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Hmmmm ... the patient appears to be suffering from some form of Multiple Personality Disorder, most likely caused by being frightened by something cute while he was a small child. So far we have seen the Honorable Martin persona, a supposed gentle being of fine standing and follower of righteouness. And we have seen the Mad Martin persona, a being who is quite frankly mad believing himself to be a Pirate bent on plundering the universe.


But both of these personas are merely shadows of the true Martin, the creature they are trying to protect. Both exist only as protectors, one big and scary to frighten others away, and when that does not work, one who is tall and grand trying to garner respect so once more the inner Martin is left all alone. We need to get in contact with this inner child who is hiding behind the persona's, a child still scared of the fluffy bunny or clown or teddy bear, a child throwing up these fanciful defenses.


Little Martin, come out Little Martin. It's OK. I've made the big scary fluffy thing go away. Look, I have a lollipop for you. You can come out. It's safe...

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Inner Martin tentatively looks out and around and starts to take timid steps out into the open. Once he gets into the middle of the clearing, a horde of humanoid, fluffy bunny-men armed heavier than Rambo emerge and start to shoot him full of lead......


Sakarissa :)


*Whoops, was that my outside voice?*

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Reminds me a bit of Brave New World (for those who still actually read and read classics). The gentle me toddling/crawling out because of WKE only to be shocked by the flower and run in to be an Epsilon (or was that Eternus ... never can quite remember what that greek letter for bottom of the food order is)

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I'm going to find your inner child, and kick his little ass




ps I'm still neutral on this pro/anti MMB, Martin, MadMartin or whatever, but just couldn't be still, can ya blame me? :) besides if there are multiple personalties, does that mean he can drink more and not get drunk? :cheers:

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We don't suffer from multiple personality disorder. We love every minute of it!

Our playlist: Sad but True (Metallica), Sweating Bullets (Pantera? or was it Megadeth?), and Evil Twin (They Might be Giants)

Unless it's Sunday, then we listen to Judith (A Perfect Circle) and God That Failed (Metallica) over and over. };-)>

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I usually run the soundtrack from the "Fading Suns" computer game when I do turns...sets the mood quite well :beer: And then a wee bit of Star wars when I do GATK or attack orders :beer:




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