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I've lost track, but I'd say I've found about 15 so far. Of course they are no longer neutral. They have decided that to join the Sabeli for the benefit of mutual protection, trade and scientific endeavors! :nuke:

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We are, as yet, alone in the universe.

We have mapped 51 possible hive sites besides the homeworld.

No neautrals, no other spacefaring races, nothing except this forum full of practical jokers and their concepts of 'war'.

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Total Moons and Planets scanned:  437

Total Neutrals located:  8

Total Neutrals located on Moons:  6  (All Primative Neutrals)

Total Neutrals located on Planets: 2 (both Advanced Neutrals)


That's an interesting observation. The one I've found is Primitive and on a moon as well. Has anyone seen any exceptions to this pattern?


On a side note, how does everyone approach neutrals? Military conquest? Diplomacy? Ignore them?


It seems an Advanced Neutral would be worth smoozing until they join, but how much is a Primitive worth? Does military conquest of neutrals have a down side?

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:blush: I have found that is seems more random in there placement. I have found systems with many different orbits (15+) and found none, and then again found as many as (3) NPCs in another system of the same size. Most of the NPCs that I have found have been primitive NPCs, but I have only found (2) Advanced NPCs. There also seems to be about 10-15 proto type NPC races as well too.
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