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"The SNROTE Reader" is now accepting....


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SNROTE Reader Issues 1 - 4 available at our website :thumbsup:


SNROTE FTP Player Aid Downloads


"The SNROTE Reader" is now accepting materials for its bimonthly printing.


Submission EMAIL: SNROTENEWS@yahoo.com


Distribution: PDF or Word through a link in the forums and/or by direct email


Formats accepted: Any and all. No reason to reject any contributions at this juncture, the newsletter can be any size. Photos and artwork might be cropped for formatting issues.


Authorship: Please include how you want to be credited for your work. Feel free to use, board names, empire names, character names or real names...or even anonymous.

Deadline for Submissions: When Turns are due. The first deadline will be November 16 and then whenever turns are due after that.


Publication Times: MST Thursday night/Friday mornings. :drunk: If all goes well, I'll at least be able to send out the newsletter by email by then. I'm hoping we might be able to get a link from RTG late Thursday night MST if they aren't too swamped to set it up. We'll see how the first round goes!




1) News Reports. The equivalent of the AP Press for the newsletter will be the ISNA (InterStellar News Agency) Feel free to stay within the flavor of newsprint journalism for such submissions


2) Battle Reports. You can submit with, or without commentary. I might summarize the report in two sentences as a header, or better yet, use yours :cheers:


3) Rumors. One or two-sentence blurbs. Have fun with it. List a source if you wish, otherwise, it will be listed as from "interstellar noise" through subspace communication.


4) Stories: Something short preferred. If you have something more epic, we could work out a way to chop it up over a few issues.


5) Artwork/Comics: this would be awesome. Anything at all would work.


6) Articles/Game Advice: Many of you already have material. Feel free to submit it all!


7) Ask Pete: I'd prefer to contact Pete and see if he could put together a few Q&As he gets from email on this subject. I'll call him next week and see how it works out best for him.


8) Interview with an Empire: I put together a stock of questions for an empire to answer. We have room for sevreal of these a week, so don't be shy. Feel free to write your own Q&A.


9) Classified Ads: The Newsletter will have a few regular advertisers to add some flavor to the pages. Feel free to advertise your alliances, trade associations or local pirate :ninja:


10) Propaganda: This can take on any form you see fit. Classified Ads are but one example.


11) Most Wanted: Nominate your local bully with a brief description of the infraction (battle-no details needed) Heck, even nominate yourself LOL Include systems, or not. The veracity of this section is of course, suspect, but I imagine there will be some half-truths submitted :D If an empire denies a claim (from either end), I will insert [DENIED by ....] after each such entry. Each undenied claim will carry with it a reward of fake cash [yes! in Megacredits! LOL] Cash stakes go up depending on the nature of the claim.


12) The ANZ Pile: submit 'em and I'll post 'em. If you have an entire guide you want posted, I can write up a brief review on it and simply make it an appendix to the newsletter.


13) Advice Columnist Q&A Format: Any volunteers? Silly or over-the-top personalities encouraged. We could have several.


14) Stellar Claims: Hobknobs document is the best place to make such claims but I see no reason why to exclude them from the newsletter. I'll be sure to mention the location of the Galactic Directoryeach time somebody submits a claim to a system.


Categories are subject to expansion/retraction as participation dictates.


The newsletter will be as good as we make it, so let's see how the first few turn out. I won't be adding much more than a fluff item, and perhaps an article every once in a while, so the bulk of the newsletter is really all up to you.


So, get your beaks, tentacles, digits, globs, legs, arms, claws or whatever to grab your writing instrument of choice and get to work! :cheers:

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I've been slowly cleaning up the accumulated papers and junk I have squirreled away in my house. I have found papers that have moved hundreds of miles with me and are over 25 years old in some cases. About two weeks ago I came across a box of Supernova II papers. I have two or three newsletters from Rigel I could scan in for anyone interested. I think there may be some Draconis stuff in the box as well, if anyone is interested.

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"The SNROTE Reader" is now accepting materials for its bimonthly printing.

Thanks, Eternus :ninja:


No problemo Justinian :D I' meager to see what everyone comes up with.




Niiiiice. I'd love to see a copy of those relics. Would certainly incorporate any features that existed for prosperity purposes :thumbsup:

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"The SNROTE Reader" is now accepting materials for its bimonthly printing.

Thanks, Eternus :drunk:


No problemo Justinian :cheers: I' meager to see what everyone comes up with.




Niiiiice. I'd love to see a copy of those relics. Would certainly incorporate any features that existed for prosperity purposes :cheers:


Is that kind of like keeping something for posterity? :P


-SK :P

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Ok sorry for the delay on the printing. I've been asked by more than two people for an extension on some articles and want to amass a few more features for the premiere issue.


As we all know, Pete has been swamped with this last turn result. He has agreed to field some additional Q&A through the newsletter :woohoo: Feel free to post them here or send them along to SNROTENEWS@yahoo.com.


We need more fluff! Rumors etc. Boasting. One-liners and the like. don't be shy!


I know many of us are busy and I want to thank those that have put effort into their contributions thus far.


At this point, I will probably wait for an entire cycle for first publication, allowing until the Thursday when turns are next due to submit new material.


Thanks in advance :python:

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Upon a very excellent suggestion, I'm also accepting submissions from the Board Message system for those who want to keep you email addys private.


Another player was interested in how the Interview might work, so I'll post the following stock questions to get that feature started. Feel free to volunteer with your own answers and be sure to credit yourself appropriately (name, board handle or Empire Name) Heck, feel free to add your own questions, too.



Interview with an Empire Standard Questions



Once finished, please submit them to SNROTENEWS@yahoo.com or through EternusIV board message system. If I have time, I'll submit some follow up Q&A to add some depth.


1. What is the name of your empire? Do you frequent the boards? If so, would you care to share your handle?

2. What exactly does your emblem signify about your empire?

3. What is your fundamental outlook toward other empires?

4. What's the best thing that has happened to your empire to date?

5. The worst?

6. The funniest?

7. Whats the most important thing that other empires should know about your own?

8. What one piece of advice would you give to a new empire?

9. What single improvement would you like to see in the game?

10. Any last comments?




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