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Emporer Magara

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Some talk on the old board lead me to believe the was an installation called a thermal trasfer center that help with temp. on woulds you colonzie. Any one want to point me the direction of the research needed?????


will make a freind Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

by ya a beer :woohoo:


Emporer Megara of the Aslan

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High Temperature? Heck, try this for a homeworld:


Frozen Rockball, Ammonia Atmosphere with Liquid Nitrogen Ocean. Starting temperature of 110 Kelvin (VERY cold). Gravity of 4.6 (and with Gas Giants maxed at 5, this is pretty dang high). Diameter of 120,000 Km for the world tends to boost gravity. Axial tilt of 12 (only normal figure).


You know how hard it is to find a HIGH gravity world that is extremely cold! Hell, I've only found two other worlds so far with Ammonia atmospheres .. and both were extremely prohibative to colonize because they had gravities around 1 to 2. I'm told this is extreme bad luck because another player I know started with 4 worlds with ammonia atmospheres in his home system (the bum). I've only found 3 total worlds (other than gas giants) larger than 100,000 Km in diameter, but they had horrible atmosphers and oceans.

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IMHO I think the game mechanics could do with a little tinkering when setting homeworld parameters - particularly temperature.


I can just about imagine that a lifeform might exist at such low temperatures - but survive for long enough to develop into a space-faring race? At that sort of temperature there is next to nothing that isn't frozen solid, a little colder and all atomic motion ceases. I would imagine the only thing there would be to eat is each other!


Not having a go at the frozen empires here - just an observation - in fact well done for sticking with it! I actually restarted my position after my setup turn came back with something similar to Hobknob's empire. Having spent ages designing my race I was unhappy that my homeworld was completely incompatible. We even had low temperature tolerance to go with our 70K world! :woohoo:

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Home World:

Hot Rock Ball, Temp 414 Kelven, Axil Tilt 15, Gravity 0.4, Ocean Molten Lava


I to was woundering how live could exist on such a world. Did get a bulb doing an explore order that said my race didnt evolve of the planet but is a colony of some long lost empire.


But being a mamal race I dont know how we keep from roasting alive in this temp.

Also the main resource is Lumber!!!!! What trees can thrive in such a temp with out burning?


Any how like I said, Could use a point in the right direction for those Thermal Transfer Center :woohoo:


Emperor Magara :o

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5 G's with an average temp of 57 Kelvin?! There is a benefit. If one of those wimpy Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide breathing races with temperate worlds and 1 to 2 G attempt to land troops on your world, they are gonna have once heck of a combat penalty.


Yes, I think the setting for races needs to be tweaked a bit. For example, someone getting 5 G's on the HW, with 5G's appearing to be max, means they have a far smaller colonization range than others (instead of +/- for the hab range .. they only get 1/2 the range, the - side). So some limits on the randomness to ensure a fair range would work well. Maybe even tying in the selected racial traits to limits. Not hard a fast mind you, by general limitations. For example, someone taking increased strength / constitution would have a higher chance for higher G worlds (sort of a match). It needs to more closely match the race built but still allow for randomness to a degree.


As for the Lumber resource on the Hot Rockball, all I can think is the lovely T'ckon empire that dropped you on the world engineered fire-wood for the planet. That plus the genetic manipulation that molded your race (giving you what I guess is a natural asbestos lining in your skin) probably is pretty helpful.

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no one really knows. I believe it only takes Advanced Superconductor + Improved CM. It could also take 2G Civil Engineering or 2G computer science (since I had both of those as well).


It increases your down side to 90 degrees. Attrition for temp is a squaring type thing so increasing the base down side reduces it significantly.


Coretap does it the other way.





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I have 2nd Gen Computer Systems, Advanced Superconductor, Improved ConMats, and 2nd Gen Civil Engineering but haven't gained the ability to construct Thermal Transfer Centers. However, I am currently researching 2nd Gen Terraforming and that should be the last requirement for the Thermal Transfer Centers.


Sakarissa ;)

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2G terraforming is not a requirement since I do not have it and have the building.


Life form does not have an impact. Lifeform provides a general bonus but does not actually extand the higher and lower regions of your home world (Pete did this to avoid people setting up empires and then dropping until they get a good temp).


Thermal extends your home world lower temp range.

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