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Hello all,


This is an Empire Contact List thread set up to facilitate communications between empires. Please feel free to list whatever empire and contact information you wish for your empire(s).


Note: Posts to this thread will be limited to one per empire to maintain focus on its purpose. Once you have made an entry - just edit it to update/change your empire/contact info.


Take care & good gaming!

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Empire Name: The Hive


Emblem: Bloody Vespidian Blade Made of Obsidian


Email: Bashkarr@yahoo.com


Player: Darrin Anderson


Motto: "Might makes right"

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Divinity #3371


Lord Gabriel


Flaming Sword on a Field of White




Peace Through Superior Firepower


Humanoids with wings. Males are diurnal with fair hair, tanned skin and white wings. Females are nocturnal with Dark hair, alabaster skin and black wings.





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Empire: TYGEN

Nr: 334

Lifeform: Winged mamals

Leader: Queen Zilonia de Harrens

Banner: "Blue crescent of a planet with its rings over a light grey background."

Imperial Task: To pass the wisdom of wings to all lives in the galaxy...

Player: Erhan Aydiner

Email: aydiner@email.com


"Everything cool here at new gathering place of citizens of galaxy. I can't stand putting an emocon" :cheers:

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Empire: The Creator's Kingdom of Slith

Leader: Witch-King Sargon

Emblem: Spiral


Lifeform: Average sized reptilian bipeds with decorative spines, horns, wattles, and ridges. They have a wide range of scale colors, and technicolor eyes.


Player: Brad Atkins

Email: batkins23@yahoo.com (not checked very often)

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Empire: United Republic of Scanners

Emblem: Green infinity sign on a black orb

President: Kasame M'Bete

Lifeform: Scanners (enhanced from SN II)


Player: Andre Kooy, Netherlands

email: andre.kooy@planet.nl

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