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I just started playing SN:ROTE, I have a winged humanoid race, based on angels, or at least how they appear in popular fiction. I sent in my first turnsheet a few days ago, with only a few mistakes - (I tried making Construction Materials before I'd built the steel for it, and I had assumed the Hydorelectric yield formula was the same as the mining formula) Apart from that, I think I have a handle on production :-)


A couple of things I am not quite clear on though, so any help and clarifications would be appreciated:


1 How do I get fuel from my pop group onto my fleets? Do I use the Load Cargo order, or would this just put a bunch of fuel into the cargo holds? (or fail, as I don't have anything except Pathfinders at the moment)?


2 Would building cities on my homeworld do anything useful? The description of Cities refers to alien flora and fauna attacking the colonists, but even home-grown animals can kill population, eg, hippos, lions and polar bears. I just wondered if there is a reproduction modifier that applies to home worlds that would be offset by building cities there.


3 Lastly, the ORB order on my homeworld describes it as "virgin territory, ripe for exploration", so does this mean that I can usefully carry out EXPL orders on my homeworld (as soon as I build a decent exploration ship - 25k cargo holds, survey lander and science lab, etc)? Just sounds a bit odd, going into orbit, then heading back down to the surface in a Survey Lander! - you'd think the home system would have been explored (using Survey Landers) long before they were put onto a spaceship.


Thanks for any help you can give,



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It's been a long time since I've thought of some of the beginning/basic stuff, but I'll do my best to answer what I can. If I get some of the finer details wrong, I'm sure someone will add the correct info.


1. Yes, use the Load Cargo order to load fuel from pop groups to fleets. When using LC, the program will automatically put cargo in cargo bays, fuel in fuel tanks, troops in troop berthings, etc. If you have 10,000 cargo bays and 5,000 fuel tankage, and you try to load 10,000 fuel, only 5,000 fuel will load (into the fuel tanks) and you will still have 10,000 cargo bays available for cargo.


2. I do not beleive that cities on a HW would be of any use. The same applies to Subterranean Cities, Domed Cities, Atmospheric Exchangers, etc. These are designed to counter some of the attrition you might suffer on a colony. Their max benefit is only obtained when they are built at 1:100 (one city for every 100 pop). Even if they did give some generic benefit to pop growth on a home world, it would not be worth it at this ratio and I think the cost in CM would be prohibitive to a new empire. There are installations that will become available to you later that will be worthwhile building on a HW to increase pop growth (Cloning Centers and Imperial Medical Centers) but they are way down the road for a new empire.


3. As silly as it might sound, you can do EXPL orders on your HW and get results, just like you would on any other orbit. And there is one particular result that you will only get on HWs (a nice little blub giving you a little info about the previous rulers of the Universe - it's been a while since I've read it but somehthing like that). And, you don't actually have to put a ship into orbit to do EXPL orders. You can build a ship without engines and it will be considered a surface outpost and will have the minimum of two action points that can be used for EXPL orders (or basically any other appropriate order other than MOVE and WARP - you can GEO, PMAP, CSV, ORB, LC, OC, etc.).

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One more thing. Building Construction Materials is a waste of time. You want to get to Improved CM and HM then Advanced as soon as possible. You also want to get Recycle Centers ASAP. You'll then recycle CM for the Steel and Timber and Steel for Iron to be used for Improved and Advanced IC and SM.



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Construction materials are not a waste. I still build them and still need them for all of my positions. There will come a time when it appears you won't need that many, but just wait.


It is just that early on in the game you have such limited production it is much more worthwhile to build something else. :)


Welcome to the Universe!!!

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OH, just thought I'd add, I did play SN:II, about 20 years ago, so this is not totally new to me :-) Although SN;ROTE appears even more complex than the old SN:II, in a good way :-)




Welcome back to the galaxy...The complexity is made far easier these days by lots of helpful spreadsheets and apps that have been posted (If you haven't already, check out http://www.rollingthunder.com/supernova/SNFTP2.htm for helpful starter spreadsheets or any of the posts by Cestvel that link to his very helpful programs)


Another great resource is the Supernova Wiki http://supernovarote.wikispaces.com/ .... I'm constantly finding things I haven't thought of or discovered on there!


With regard to Construction Materials, I think it depends how quickly you are going to develop Improved Industrial Complexes and Improved Construction Materials (plus Improved Steel of course....strangely Improved Timber is not needed, but worth researching to get to Advanced Timber needed later on)....I believe you can use SRPs to get both in under 8 turns, but I'll leave it up to the long time players to confirm.


Next .... I can't understate the usefulness of Psychology research....it opens up advances in Civil Administration and then Industrial Science which gives you a nice bonus to your industrial output without constructing anything.


Lastly...there are a lot of players out there that are quite prepared to be helpful. I think we all want this game to run and run, so the more people we help into the game the better :)


On that note, I will mention that I am here to help (although my knowledge is not as great as others) if you send me a private message and it may just be that I have a new empire in your area :cheers:

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Love the Wiki!....Please keep updating it.



DEPLOC is a concept that I am developing a more complete understanding. I have one logigical condudrum that is stopping my understanding of DEPLOC.


DEPLOC is great for fleet battles but I do not understnd it in simple one on one fights with an enemy. In a one on one fight shouldn't both parties be in DEPLOC 1 even if one ship is a Non-combatant? In the fight I contemplate I would like my non-combatant to suffer no disadvantage in a one on one fight and tkae damage to the enemy to the best of its abilty. If it is in DEPLOC 12 as a non-combatant and the enemy is in DEPLOC 1 I fear I will dish out no damage at all to the eenmy,


Could someone please elaborate on the subject of DEPLOc in Mano to Mano fights.

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it all depends on the weapon type that you are useing. deploc depends solely on that. so if you have a beam type weapon then line one is what you put your ship on.. but say the only defensive weapon you have are fighters and drones... line 12 would be preferable because fighters and drones are always placed on line one when they launch so the mother ship can be on line 12 and take less damage than if it was on line one. so basicly it matters not if you have tons of ships against one or one against one.. deploc is a weapon issue not a fleet or ship issue.

just my opinion and i have very little experience with battles just yet but am fixing to have plenty i believe... :pirate:

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Allow me to rephrase my question:


Assume two identical Pathfinders with 10cm autocannons go Head to Head in combat. 50-50 odds right?


However....one is a Non-combatant and say assigned to DEPLOC 11 or 12. the other is classified by its owner as an Assault Ship and is in DEPLOC 1. Is the Non-combatant Pathfinder now at a disadvantage? Did the odds just tilt in the favor of the DEPLOC 1 pathfinder?

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Actually it's not 50/50. All things being equal the racial traits of the

Beings piloting those pathfinders will determine the victor. Let's take your

Example of 2 pathfinders with 1 fighting at dl 1 and the other at 12.

The pathfinder at dl 1 will fire its weapon with max damage output since

It's auto cannon is a 'beam' range weapon ( most weapons are). It will receive

No ' defensive' modifier since its at dl 1. This modifier could range all

The way to 50 percent at dl 12 to 0 at dl 1. The other pathfinder will be

Firing it's autocannon from dl 12 and will suffer greatly reduced firepower

Output perhaps as low as 5 % of the max firepower of the autocannon

But since it's at dl 12 it will gain a 50 percent defensive modifier. Unfortunately

The captain of the pathfinder At dl 12 will find that his firepower

Will not be able to defeat the armor of the pathfinder at dl 1 before

The other pathfinder will defeat his and will most likely lose this

Engagement. Hope that clears it up a bit


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