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New Galaxy - Is it for you?  

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There really aught to be an answer in the third question to allow for those who do not really wish to either migrate or add a position. So a new galaxy is not something that gets me excited.


I am a new player still really learning how things work. I don't want or need a war with anyone; wars can be costly, especially if you're loosing.

I'd like to see some of the old bugs, that I see in the forums, get corrected. And I'd really like to see Pop Groups and Divisions get keyed to Race. I'd love for my "Brain in the Jar" race to absorb a neutral that is big and tough -- Something really unneighborly to fill out the ranks of my divisions.

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I would say that if any of your concerns were met, then they would only be met in the new galaxy and that would be your reason for migrating.


As to your suggestions/wishes-


I think that if you could adopt better troops to benefit your smart guys then the guys with the good troops and not so smart would need to be able to adopt smarter scientists. Neither is likely.


Be happy that the attrition stays with the pop group creator and allows those poor colonizers an opportunity for better colonization. Also be glad that you can add pop to a neutral and other pop groups. When we started you were limited to adding pop to pop groups which you created.


Also, I would suggest that if you are a new player, you would be the perfect person to move to a new universe. Why not figure out the new galaxy and be in the ground floor as opposed to the tried and true galaxy?



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I'm reading thru the list of changes, I like what I see, but one thing bothers me, many of the changes could have been implemented into Andromeda. The smart AI would be a great addition to the old universe, since I and many others have blasted Plekton ships, it would have been nice to see them retaliate. There are other additions that could be put into the old universe without upsetting vets like me(characters, religion).

My concern is, is this the signal that Andromeda is no longer going to be worked on? Will new players be blocked from joining Andromeda?

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