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Draco Species Introductions


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Greetings from Barentras! We are the Garthim and we look forward to meeting you all in the cold dark depths of space.


It's cold out there; don't go alone.
Kinglord Gotram Meskeliar of the Barentrasi Economic Trade League


Former member of the Galactic Senate

Former Master of Mead for the Holy Brotherhood of Brewmasters
Co-founding member of AWAIN

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Welcome Draco,


Rustic Empire 5100


Just wanted add my name to the list of all the tentacle waving, three headed, turtle like races out there just watching and waiting for their chance to show there beady eyes.

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So, with more and more empires becoming known in Draco, its time to ask the important questions.

Who has more population, The Swarm and The Horde?

Which rabbits breed the fastest - The Star Kingdom Empire, Watership Shogunate or the Black Warrens?

Which has the ultimate bears - The Ursine Empire or Ursus Deum Ad Astra?

Can anyone resist The Unstoppable Force?

Just how lost is The Dharma Initiative?

Who are the better builders - Pahk Construct or Kemahlan Construct?

Will the Templars be excommunicated by The Pontifex Hegemony?

And how can any of us possibly survive the 5Th Degree Arch Paladin Grand Master Ninja Wizards?

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