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Interesting warp points

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We have found 2 H class one of which we were able to crack with a single Mk I JSS( lots of ground installations and high level leaders)

And one in a nexus which will require a minimum of a Mk III a level 6 explorer and level 6 scientist. We have both but it it will take a few turns to get the properly equipped ship to the area

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In Draco, I entered a system via. a one way warp point with a single outlet. That outlet turned out to be a one way jump to a system. Two one way jumps in a row!


I am Exploring the second system now and perhaps I will uncover a third one way jump!

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I have a HW system that has one one way into the system , and one one way out of the system . Good thing I have WH tech . As a start up world with no tech , that is an awful system . I did not start the position . Imagine doing a warp point assault on the only way into the system , and running into a 50 billion ton fleet starbase and 100 x 10 million ton battle stations .

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