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I was wondering how everyone is tackling the new exploration results? I have decided to scrap all my old pathfinders and explorers and build these units into them:


1 Fighter Bay

1 Drone Rack

25,000 Cargo Space


The rest of the design would depend on your technology level. Obviously, you should try to get more than 2 action points on your explorers and lots of fuel tankage for extended missions. Weapons/armor are pretty much unimportant in my opinion until you actually encounter someone hostile.


Anyone else differ from these modifications?

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Eeeek! Leave a starship without weapons or armor in the dark void between the stars!? :D Don't think so...all our ships have at least basic weaponry to defend against any weird lifeforms they might encounter in the void or planetside when exploring!



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Yeah right...and if you believe that I have a small Methane Moonlet to sell you, barely used, don't mind the radioactive mutants or the lack of solid ground! :lol:


I have found in other games that having the biggest guns, ships and a willingness to use them when pushed leads to more friendships than you'dve thought possible :D



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My advice?


Depends where you want to put them and how far down the tech tree you are.


If a war fleet is coming through your interior systems, something is wrong anyway.


Thus- I dont think its crucial to slap a few measly guns on the side of your exploration ships. Especially if this is one of your starting exploration ships (first 10 turns)


Personally, I think it would be a waste -- unless you armed them closer to the teeth or have sufficient technology developed to match up well against an invader without too much extra cost in resources.


You can always protect your exploration fleets by camping the warp points with actual warships, too.






I'd do the following:


Nuclear Engine

Nuclear Jump Drive

Cargo Bays (25k)

Fuel Tankage (As you see fit)

Fuel Shuttle (If you see yourself moving them around)

Computer System(s)

Short Range Sensor(s)

Survey Lander(s)

Science Lab(s)


The Drone Rack / Fighter Bay is a nice tough! I'd pass on it, though. But thats a presonal preference.

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WE the Empire of Zend, try to multi task all our vessel designs, so each vessel will have more than 1 use, for example our explorers include 25K cargo bays, JSS, fighter bays, and capable weaponry for self-defense.


I really don't want to build ships to just sit around waiting to hopefully someday maybe meet someone, so they have to do something in the mean time.

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After considering the design again I was wondering if Standard Hull and Defense Screens help with encounters with space terrain effects and possible damage from travelling through warp. I would probably use a rule of thumb of 10% tonnage for Hull and 1 shield per 10,000 tons. Some sort of CIDS or beam weapon would be useful for exploration too. Assuming that you could use them to clear asteroids and rough surfact terrain with them. The little old Pathfinder design is rather nice afterall. Just needs better equipment.

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I have absolutely NO war ships. :wacko:

I do however, have many Galactic Defense Ships... B)


"I have a small Methane Moonlet to sell you, barely used, don't mind the radioactive mutants or the lack of solid ground"


Oh and Locklyn, how much do you want for that worthless (to you) moonlet? :thumbsup::cheers:

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Unlike my "Whiskey"-class, Perimeter Brew Pub vessels, which merely allow visitors to become so intoxicated that they stagger home forgetting what they came out to do in the first place.


All of our Brews are rated Two Mugs :cheers: or better by the HBOB. :D


Intergalactic Zagats raves: "Better than Gremloid Poppers!" :thumbsup:


Friendship through Fermentation! :thumbsup:

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