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"As part of some general database maintenance, every empire will have a DECF, ALL order executed at the conclusion of the
next turn cycle to clean out empty fleets. This won't cost you anything and will happen at the very end of the turn (at the
same time Santa points are added in). --Pete"



You are evil Pete! Evil I say!!!!

Teach me to roleplay within the confines of the game to amuse myself.....







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On 9/10/2021 at 9:33 PM, RTGPete said:

Actually I'm going to change that to a DECF, HOME  instead.  That way, you won't lose the fleets; they'll just be sent to your home world.


Thanks Pete! And actually that is what I do any turn that I have empty fleets hanging around. Saves on having to create a new fleet and on NENC orders.

Ya not so evil after all.


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There are days I’d like to decommission my home 🙃

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