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Would it be possible???


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Hi Pete/Russ,


Would it be possible to have a page of the turn list what Diplomatic agreements you have in effect? Now that we are finally meeting more than the odd alien it will get confusing to say the least if we have no convenient place to look for this.


Along the same lines, is there some reason the empire on the receiveing end of a Diplomatic apgreement shouldn't be notified of it? When I declare that I am a Total Ally with my buddy he has no idea that I have done anything. This seems a bit backwards especially if you are supposed to be having diplomats colocated to pull it off. There is also the question of declaring War. AS it seem to work now you could declare war to the universe and nobody would be the wiser.


On another topic somewhat similar - Is it possible and at all likely that we could get an alien fleet sighting summary page somewhere in the turn?


Could you explain why fleet sightings that are supposed to happen during movement or sensor sweeps are showing up in the middle of production or in the tech breakthrough section or as the absolute last item before the fleet reports?


Thanks guys, I know you don't have enough stuff on your plate at the moment. B)



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Oh yes, please....


If a page of Diplomatic agreements isn't possible, then perhaps a Request Diplomatic Relations (RDR) order would do - very like the RTD order?


I think I know why Fleet Sightings occur at the end of the turn.....


Because every empires order pulses are occuring in order, the fact that fleet sightings occur so late in our turns is just that the other player has done more orders than we have and they just appear at the appropriate point - at the worst after any new technologies have been discovered...


Lord High Seneschal to Ur-Lord Tedric

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That was my thought too, but it didn't set well with me. If that is the case then a person submitting 6 turns may actually flyinto somebodies space just to see all of the builds already completed that are only supposed to happen at the end of the turn.


My understanding was that everything happened simultaneously across the universe starting with movement then mining/production and then tech advances.



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Orders are run in sequence and randomly. I have seen this several times.


Example 1 and 2: Order 1 the kind Eyre moves to Warp Point X to befriend a Mindshpere ship. Order 1 Mindsphere ship issues WARP.


Did this twice. Once I got him and once he warped.


My understanding is the orders that are not Convoy Route and Standing are run for each empire in order simultaneously so the all Order#1 are run at once with each Empire randomly selected as to the order. That would explain why the you got the Mindsphere ship once. Of course what do I know, Im a newbie. :drunk:

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Turn sequence is spelled out clearly in the combat supplement. Every empire processes their first order in a random order. After all #1 orders are executed, combat is resolved for hostile co-located forces. Then move onto order #2.


I assume you may or may not get alien sightings depending on the random order when someone moves out of a spot while you are moving into it.

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Anytime that you are co-located you get a sighting report is the way I understand it.


Assume you have two Fleets:

Fleet #1 - Imperial Survey Fleet (Ichthyoid Empire)

Fleet #9 - Colonization Fleet (Bubbahotep Republic)


Both Fleets are interested in Sol-3, but are starting at different Warp Points in the Sol System.


If Fleet #1 moves on Orders 5,6 and 7 as such:

NM, 1, Sol, 3

GEO, 1, 0

MOVE, 1, Sol, 4444


And Fleet #9 moves on Orders 8 and 9 as such:

NM, 9, Sol, 3



Given our starting sensor technologies, niether fleet will see the other. If Fleet #9 moved on Order 5 instead of Order 8, one of the two Fleets will see the other on Order 5 execution depending on who goes second. They both, however, will see each other on Order 6, since they will be co-located during that entire Order execution sequence.



-SK :drunk:

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Actually I understand why a fleet sighting is registered during convoy routes since that is movement and movement is the triggering mechanism. However, I was under the impression that all movement of any kind would be completed for every empire no matter how many turns they may submit or how may convoy routes they may have running, before the next phase starts which would be power generation and mining followed by industrial production which is then followed by ship builds, promotions, new charcters and religious and scientific breakthroughs. After all of that is done you then get the fleet summary of all fleets and finally the listing of what new tech may have popped up to be researched.


If all of this stuff actually happens in the order that it appears on our turns, which seems reasonable, then I am at a bit of a loss to explain why I have gotten fleet sightings before and/or after the new tech section. Either place would indicate that my fleets that had previously been reported are still actively participating in a fleet sighting which in turn could lead to combat.



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Anytime that you are co-located you get a sighting report is the way I understand it.

No, you get the sighting when a fleet moves to where an other empires fleet already is. You can both spend a whole turn at the same place and not get a report if no movement occurs to trigger one and you don't do a SENS order

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