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Assigning Scientists


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If I remember Petes reply chances of promotion are also based upon the tradition and style of your Empire...guess thats why I have 33 scientist characters :cheers:




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That just make me ill. One of my positions has only 4 and the most is 12 after 2 years. :D

Same here. My only position has 5 scientists, and it has been over a year and a half. Teaches me for taking Administration for a tradition. :)

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Utterly disgusted with the brains in a jar races


Actually not a Brain in the jar race but we did choose Hierachal Technocracy with Science as Tradition. 34 Saved SRPS as we prefered to have a balanced race but only Tradition and Goverment style affects character recruitment and their promotions as well as a bit of luck :D


No propaganda, but since I am a turn 0 race I have 70 Leaders and 33 of them are Scientists so I guess I follow the % pretty well.



And why the vehemence about what people choose to play? There are coloniser races who like the coolness of the asteroid belts, it all depends upon your choice of play style.





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My race (Lostworlds) has the following:

What do I do with so many diplomats? Argh!!! :D


Deceased leader 1

Merchant 3

Religious Leader 4

Special Agent 4

Army Officer 4

Naval Officer 6

Matial Artists 8

Scientists 8

Explorer 11

Administrator 12

Diplomat 16

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