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I wanted to create some additional cargo bays, but by accident created :( cargo barges. This is ofcourse very annoying (since my new ship cannot be build yet), but I would like to get the steel and electronics back that are now in the cargo barge.


What is the order to destruct an item, so that it will deliver the original components?

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There is a dismantle order for ships. You get back the seperate items fo construction, but not the base materials.

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I notice that my stockpiles are now sorted differently, with all the non-recyclables first, followed by

=== ^ End Resources ^ ===



Like this:-

99999 20,118 Fuel 0 5555

99999 1 === ^ End Resources ^ === 1 0 5555

99999 1 Imperial Flag 0 5555


That implies, among other things, the Imperial Flags will get recycled.


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INST: Recycling Center

Recycling Center: Breaks down items in its pop group into their component parts with 100% efficiency.

Thus, 1 10cm Autocannon would be converted into 400 Steel and 100 Electronics. When your

recyclers got around to those items, the 400 Steel would transform into 1200 Iron and the

100 Electronics would become 200 Refined Crystals and 100 Synthetic Materials. The

Synthetic Materials would eventually break down into 100 Gaseous Elements, 100 Industrial

Chemicals and 100 Crystals. As detailed below, the resulting Iron, Refined Crystals,

Gaseous Elements, Industrial Chemicals and Crystals would not be broken down any further.

Caution is strongly advised. Your industrial ministers note that an isolated pop group

should be used for recycling, as your Recycling Center workers are fanatical and have an

insatiable appetite: they will disassemble just about anything they can get their

pseudopods on. This would certainly cause extreme havoc if Recycling Centers were

constructed in pop groups with important items. Your recyclers will dismantle anything

except for Advanced Construction Materials, Fuel and any Advanced resource-class item.

Thus, Advanced Steel, Advanced Petroleum, Advanced Fuel, Advanced Construction Materials

and so on would not be recycled, while Advanced Battle Displays would. Installations are

never fed into the recycling hoppers. It is difficult to predict with certainty which

items will be recycled first, and whether or not byproducts just received from another

item will take priority over something else. Recycling Centers are self-sufficient,

drawing energy from items brought to them from the general population along with solar,

wind, tidal and other green energy sources. Each Recycling Center can produce 3000 tons

of material (1 Steel consuming 3 of those tons as produced Iron), improved by your

empire's technological advances in Industrial Science and Social Engineering. Your

industrial advisors once again note that when deciding where to build Recycling Centers,


Production requirements: 500 Construction Materials

Consumes: <nothing>

Requires: 1st Generation Social Engineering as a prerequisite technology


for those that do not know.

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