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Hah, as a relatively new empire, my expansion has hit a tiny snag.







The easy jump points all dead end (and the poor scouts are stuck there as well, sigh) Good thing I have an exploration tradition. I am deperately waiting for those higher level promotions!

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Untill recently had no Nexii of any sort and mainly C's and D's last turn did though unveil a couple of G's which I hope will lead out of the cluster. Tons of systems explored but no other player yet.



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I think nexii account for better than 1/2 of all the systems that I have found. Of the 8 new systems I surveyed last turn 6 of them were nexus. It is the main reason my wxploration isn't uniform in each direction. That G in a nexus is a real pain.


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Out of 22 systems only 4 are warp nexi. I even have one system that says it is a 'massive Planetary Nebula' with 26 planets/moons. So I guess my area is similar to the Gremloids. Of course my punishment is that less than 15% of planets CSV'd have moderate or less attrition. B)

"Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink... " :huh:

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Well, if the tech Gods are kind to me, I'll be able to PRODUCE Mk IV JSS with my baby position.


The Beulah Trading Company received all Improved Goods last turn to boot so I'm set.


Anyone else have the capability to produce Mk IV Jump Survey Sensors? If so, what warp points can they knock down? I presume A-F

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How many JJS will it take.?? hmmmm Heres a baseline piece of data 20 MK1 JJS with a level 5

explorer and Scientist in the fleet will guarantee mapping a Type D warp point. I would have to say that 20 Mk4 JJS with like leaders would be able to map just about any warp point but I could be wrong. B)

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Do you have a formula for carrying Construction Materials and Population to create and operate an Observatory and all the science buildings? I have heard that this is a favored technique for getting through those tough ones but haven't tried it yet. If you set the Colonial Beacon down and create the pop group and then on the next turn set down the pop and CM's, build the buildings, survey the warp points, and then dismantle the buildings and reload everything in the same turn you don't suffer any attrition. You would have to carry a few spare Colonial Beacons if you plan on doing this on multiple systems since it is lost when creating the pop group.


Of course...what about those nasty nexus points...after all, you need a planet to build on.

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