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Looking to join game 104. It currently is 47.5% full. 

Normally I would join the game and then try to make allies. Sometimes it works out, most times not. This time, I am looking for allies before I join.....

Let me know


DezertCamel  :robot:

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16 minutes ago, Viking pilot said:

Has anyone heard how full the game is recently?  Last I heard it was around 60%...

It took 103 nearly a year to fill and even then it started with some computer controlled nations. 104 will most likely follow same path. 

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I am considering rejoining, but there are a nice grouping of countries on the balkan and I am not joining on my own. SO if there are more lurkers out there, 
maybe we can do this as a team.

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Make it quick.  I sent Russ a message with one of my turns. He stated that 104 is VERY CLOSE.  and he will be looking at in Sept when issues settle down. 

He didn't say exactly how many location are actually left, but based off what a couple people have said recently, likely under 5.

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