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6 minutes ago, Predator said:

Did this game start?

Yes, didn't you get your setup???

Just kidding. :-)  We're still waiting on the other three countries to be taken. Or for Russ to decide that it's time to start the game.

By the way, speaking of Russ, it's his birthday today! Happy birthday, Russ!

Much peace and happiness, Kevin

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5 hours ago, Grey Raven said:

France, Sweden, and Switzerland? Are any of those reasonable options for a first-time player?

Switzerland will most likely be the best choice for a beginning player. It only has 4 initial territories  so it’s AIC network is extremely simple. 3 of those are mountain provinces and one is hills making it much easier to defend .it’s not without issues however. It has no coal or petroleum resources and no food producing territories. It will need to acquire them by force of arms or have allies willing to supply them. 
it also has no need for a navy at the early stages of the game eliminating that aspect of the game. 


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Ok, I jumped in...a new player to this game, although I do play SuperNova Draco from Rolling Thunder.

Grüezi / Bonjour / Ciao / Tgau / Hello from Die Schweitz / Suisse / Svizzera / Svizra / Switzerland.

It's so much work being a multi-lingual Switzerland!

@dageraadSwitzerland is now taken. I have no information on the status of Sweden or France.

Swiss Diplomatic Contact Info: raven@rinzai.com (open to all, but especially interested in adjacent neighbors - Italy, Austria, Germany, and France [presently unclaimed]).

If anyone is willing to share their prior opening Swiss turns with me for review, it would be greatly appreciated!

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@Grey Raven

Hey, a huge increase in the number of Swiss players :-)
Really exciting to see you joining the game...

I sent you an email ... always willing to help you coming along with the game right from the beginning (community is anyway great, so help is all around - you just need to ask)

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