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Well, in this game there are no TA's so for the moment each and every country will keep its original color, untill a pattern becomes clear. Probably in 2015 or so. As with the other maps this one is intended to make the forum discussions interesting for those that are not participating in this game.

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Well the map could use a Key


Yugoslavia ------------- Glamdring

Portugal ---------------- Ike

Southern Russia ------ Gecko

Iceland------------------- Dageraad

Sweden------------------ Reece

Germany ---------------- Brogan

Greece ------------------ Marklen X


So far I would say that Germany has the edge with 3 Neutrals on his borders. Guess that could change quickly if we get some more players. Have fun, Rick

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Guest Spongebob

Guess we can delete the other No TA Game topic



Russ said he would add the morale in Turn 1


Sweden is open to communications and alliances. Lot to do before turn 3.


Have fun, Rick


OMG Another, did you not see the memo - NO TA = NO FRIENDS, whats the point if your looking for your buddies.

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